Osy & Michael

When we Met

Like every beautiful love story, theirs started in a quite dynamic way… He was a guest speaker at a Entrepreneurship Youth Conference in New York, the Remnants Youth Conference sometime in June 2016 and she, was attending the conference, as well. Call it destiny. They met afterwards for longer conversation around her business and passion for growth. Exchanged phone numbers and Skype ID, etc. In this case, no DM was involved. Skype Calls became daily affairs, lasting hours each time.   …and the rest as they say is history…  

How we met - Osy

Met Michael at a youth conference in New York City and was attracted to his confidence and the sincerity in his words as he shared his stories and gave his presentation. I decided that I had to speak to him after the event to share a project I had in my mind and ask for his help. After the event, I struggled against my shyness and the thought that I might be viewed as just another girl trying to get some attention from a seemingly successful, fine guy. I eventually stepped to him in boldness, and after breaking the ice with small talk, I shared a little about my project and we agreed to exchange contacts to talk about the project further. I left that conference with an interesting feeling in the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t place the feeling nor could what I was so excited about but all I could talk about for the rest of the day was about a guy that I had met at the conference. ....Continued at First Date