Osy & Michael

The Proposal

Their love tale was always destined for something greater. It was the legendary tale of a KING and his QUEEN with their eyes set on building a KINGDOM. Michael knew from their first date to the first dinner to the first holiday that he wanted to make their relationship a permanent one, he knew she is the RIGHT ONE. And so, he set plans in motion, just right after her departure in October.   We were on a lovely boat cruise with friends in Dubai on the day after Christmas and I was having an amazing time enjoying the smooth sail, the food, the music, and the entertainment. I noticed Michael didn’t seem to be enjoying it all as much as I was and tried to cheer him up. I thought he expected something different and that was why he wasn’t in his usual fun and relaxed mood. Little did I know it had something to do with a certain heavy rock lol. Later, we went to the upper deck to enjoy the open air and do some dancing. While we were there, we started taking pictures. Soon I noticed Michael was no longer by my side, I turned around to look for him and I froze for a couple seconds. I didn’t even wait for his words, I was already saying “Yes” but I remember hearing him ask “Will you marry me?” and then I screamed “YES”