Osy & Michael

First Date

Maybe not your typical prom or high school date… or anything close that of Romeo and Juliet but it was adventurous nonetheless, a story worth telling. It was a boat cruise to the Statue of Liberty, what better way for a first date? They met up, to cruise to the Statue. And oops! She forgot the two tickets she had earlier bought, so they got new ones. 😊 The weather was great but soon, it started raining. The extra jacket she had was not enough shield from the cold, so he had to hold her closer for the most part of the date. The bonding and chemistry had started. The first date was all about fun, boat cruises, rainfall and of course, plenty photographs, over 500! They realised they were both avid lovers of pictures. They talked about other things but themselves. enjoying each other’s company.   …the beginning of a great story had just been set in motion…   Continuation from "How we met".... When my sisters teased me, I had to explain that it wasn’t “like that” and that it was just business. But of course they didn’t believe me since all I talked about over the next few days was Michael. After a few days of regular calls and texts (non about my project), I offered to show him a little bit of NYC before he leaves. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, but that offer marked the beginning of the rest of my life. On the scheduled meeting day, I met Michael at a preselected place and we drove to Battery Park. We chatted in the car like best friends until Michael offered to share some songs from his playlist. I should have gotten clues from his picks but I was just having a good time and didn’t pay attention to the songs (maybe I did but choose to deny it lol since I remember the songs very clearly). The first two songs he played were "Wait for me” and “Love don’t lie’ by Johnny Drille. I couldn’t help grinning throughout the ride as I watched him from the corner of my eyes while he sang the songs so passionately and staring at me most of the time. I kept thinking he is such a charmer and looks so adorable as he sings (he has an amazing voice aaahhh), but none of the charm bothered me  because I was so sure that we were on the same page about what the outing was – a friendly sightseeing. From then on, everything went so smoothly well: we held hands, laughed and acted like we’ve been friends for years. When we met a couple of Michael’s friends that evening, and they were surprised to hear that we just met and this was our first time hanging out. We were natural sweet hearts lol. By the end of night Michael had shared his interest and plans with me but I had to take some time to pray for direction. Few days later I made the bold decision to start our beautiful love story.


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